Risk-Reward based Startup Freelancing Contract
A template contract that outlines a new approach enabling high end freelancers to work with cash strapped startups where the risk and the reward can be shared by both parties; thereby aligning their interests for long term success.
Chai Combinator website code
This is an open and honest organization. So, the code should be the same. All are free to learn from it / contribute to it on GitHub (contribute using Pull Requests).
Startup School
A massive online course by Y-Combinator to train co-founder and help launch amazing startups. Chai Combinator *highly* encourages all of its members to watch all of the videos on this website so they can have foundational knowledge necessary to work with / on a startup; given by some of the best and brightest minds in Silicon Valley.
An amazing seed stage accelerator that has launched some of the world's most successful startups like DropBox, Reddit, Twitch, Stripe and Airbnb.
An IIM-A / CIIE initiative to help startups through workshops, dedicated mentoring and gatherings.